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It is possible to design a Jewish life that is meaningful and intentional.

What is the newsletter about? 

Torah, Talmud, self-awareness, and an exploration of becoming our best selves for students of life and Judaism.


This is one of my current favourite newsletters for learning and bringing teachings into my own space… As a knowledge seeker, it’s wonderful when I find someone who is not just passionate, but makes words transferable, not limited, and actionable. You hit the marks, and I learn beyond what I expect.
Ever-insightful, Rabbi Markiz grounds every post with a healthy balance of love, responsibility, and fairness.
Rabbi Markiz is the best Judaic studies teacher I’ve had. He leads a discussion-focused class that is accessible to learners at every level. Everyone, from non-Jews to regular daf learners, comes out of his class with fresh insight into the text and their own lives.
Taking a class with Rabbi Jeremy Markiz feels like a cross between an intellectual experience and hanging out with your friends in a cafe… He is warm and encouraging, and I always feel free to ask any questions.
Rabbi Markiz is a master educator who opens the world of Talmud and Torah to experienced learners and newcomers. Accessible, engaging and thought-provoking, he fosters conversation and discussion to dive deep into the text.