These are the current trainings and workshops we offer for Jewish organizations:

They are modular and can be combined together into packages. However, there are certain combinations that work well together.


These sessions provide the basic information required to craft a new story for your organization, develop a strategy, and implement with a system. With that information, you and your team can put the pieces together at your own pace.

Each of them can be expanded for greater support.

  • Fundamentals of Story Building Session
  • Fundamentals of Strategy

  • Fundamentals of Systems

Deep Dives

These sessions build on the fundamentals. A session on building better offerings to support your audience, a session on endless idea creation using AI, and a session on creating a custom system to track the process.

  • Solutions Design Deep Dive
  • Endless Content Deep Dive
  • Custom Systems Deep Dive

Additional Workshop Sessions

  • How to Write for the Internet

  • Creating a User-Driven Adult Education