How to Choose a Software Tool (or any kind of tool)

I often get asked by my colleagues: What tool should I use?Here’s the mistake everyone makes:They try to figure out which tool they should use first. This generally causes:

  • misalignment
  • frustration
  • hesitation

…and ultimately, the tool doesn’t work.

Instead, you need to ask these four questions first:

Answering these four questions in order is the unlock you need to choose the right thing for you and your team.

People – Who will use it? Will they need training? Will bad habits need to be broken?

Purpose – What problem are you solving for? What is the purpose you need the tool for

Process – How will the tool actually be used? What is the system you will use to implement it? How does the tool fit into the process you’re developing?

Product – Which product is a good fit for the people, purpose, and process you’ve designed?

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About the Author

Rabbi Jeremy Markiz is a teacher and consultant. He helps clergy, congregations, and Jewish organizations grow and communicate clearly in the digital world, develop effective strategies, and solve problems with his consulting firm, Next Level Rabbinics.

He teaches the Torah rooted in personal growth, kindness, intentionality, and bettering the world. He writes the With Torah and Love newsletter.