Unlock Better Synagogue Programs

Better programming takes legwork.

Doing the homework and creating better synagogue programs is worth your time.

You can do it with this framework:

  • Clear purpose
  • Focused audience
  • Relevant content

If your program doesn’t accomplish anything (having social time together is an accomplishable thing) or doesn’t move you toward your goals, it isn’t worth doing. Being clear on who it is for, how it helps them, and provides a quality experience is what a high-quality program is built on.

Don’t get lost with:

  • Titles
  • Reaching everybody
  • What you like to teach > They need to learn

It is always better to be clear rather than cute, so a good title is important but not more than the program itself. With that, trying to meet everyone’s needs is a fool’s errand, so focus on a smaller group that can serve really well.

Lastly, it isn’t about you. It is about them and their needs.

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About the Author

Rabbi Jeremy Markiz is a teacher and consultant. He helps clergy, congregations, and Jewish organizations grow and communicate clearly in the digital world, develop effective strategies, and solve problems with his consulting firm, Next Level Rabbinics.

He teaches the Torah rooted in personal growth, kindness, intentionality, and bettering the world. He writes the With Torah and Love newsletter.